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  1. Why JSON is bad for applications

    Today I read an article about how company X has improved things by amongst other things ditching JSON after 2 years of using it. Before I start on this subject I should say that JSON does have its place. If you have a web application where a browser is talking ...

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  2. Blogging Platforms

    A couple of weeks ago I ditched Blogger as my main blogging platform. The main reason for this was the editing tools were breaking posts containing code. Whilst it is a great platform for basic blogging, it is not suitable for developers blogs.

    So, I was on the hunt for ...

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  3. New Blog!

    Blogger is a great blogging platform. Unfortunately it is really difficut to create content that has marked-up code in it. Which as a developer is a requirement. Therefore LinuxJedi's /dev/null has now moved to this GitHub pages site using Tinkerer to build it.

    The old site and content ...

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