I haven’t been writing a lot of content lately. This is in part me being involved in several videos which have taken up the time I would normally use for blogging.

I figured I would link to these in a single blog post.

Communities, Lockdown and Burnout

In early May I had a short interview with Federico Razzoli for his Two Weeks of Databases series. This interview was partially in response to my Community vs Ecosystem post.

If you want to see more about me talking about burnout, I also gave a talk at FOSDEM 2020 about it.

Time and Date Handling

The MariaDB Foundation asked me to give a short video on any topic I like. I threw it out to the community and my friend MJ mentioned that I should do something on timezones. I liked the idea but thought I should expand on it a bit. So this is the video I recorded on handling Time and Date in your application that uses MariaDB:

MariaDB Enterprise Tools Introduction

This event hasn’t happened yet, but on the 4th June I will be giving a webinar as part of the MariaDB OpenWorks series on the Enterprise Tools project which I have been leading. You can signup to see the event here.