This week is a short issue of TWiP. I’m currently taking a week out and there haven’t been too many released changes in the last week. We will be back with our regular larger blog posts soon.

A314 Network Fixes

Several people have been trying out the A314 networking that is included with the PiStorm stack. There were reports of the network connection dropping after a certain period of time. Agehall on Discord spent a lot of time digging into this and with the help of Niklas Ekström, who originally created A314, was able to find and fix the issue.

You should now find that A314 networking is more stable on wip-crap. It is a change to the Amiga device driver, so this will need re-installing from the updated PiStorm drive.

Videos and Blog Posts

Raspberry Pi Blog Post

The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website has included a Custom PC blog post about PiStorm this week. It has a few inaccuracies which are covered in the comments, but it is still a good read. You can view it here.

Virtual Dimension

The German YouTube channel, Virtual Dimension, has covered PiStorm in a video this week. It is a very good discussion of what the PiStorm is, what it can give you and the direction the project is going in the future. If you can’t speak German the translate feature for the automatic captioning is not too bad to get the general information from the conversation.

The End

I leave you with the immortal words of Biff from Road Rash…

Did I miss anything? Or is there anything that you want covered next week? Let me know! I can be found as LinuxJedi on the PiStorm Discord or LinuxJedi on Twitter.