1. Webserver Concealing

    Right now there are bots on the internet scanning every IP possible for vulnerable servers. This is a fact of life on the internet. This means you need to keep any internet facing machines as secure as possible.

    Whilst it is no panacea one step you can take to hide ...

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  2. Family Travel Technology

    My family and I spent a few days before Christmas visiting family away from home. We booked two interconnecting hotel rooms so our children could have their own room and we could sleep with a little bit of peace. As with many trips there is often a period between dinner ...

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  3. Why JSON is bad for applications

    Today I read an article about how company X has improved things by amongst other things ditching JSON after 2 years of using it. Before I start on this subject I should say that JSON does have its place. If you have a web application where a browser is talking ...

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