Open Source Contributions

These are some of the Open Source projects I am the lead developer on or have worked on.


libAttachSQL is a lightweight event-driven Apache 2.0 licensed C connector for MySQL servers I am developing for HP's Advanced Technology Group.


pyAttachSQL is a sub-project to add a Python wrapper and DB API 2.0 driver to libAttachSQL. It is currently in an early alpha.


Libra was the original Load Balancer as a Service for HP Helion. I was the lead developer for the project. It created many new things that other OpenStack projects are starting to embrace such as self-healing and warm-appliance pools.


Stackforge was originally created by me as a way collect satellite projects around OpenStack, some of which later become full OpenStack projects. It started with having its own Jenkins/Gerrit stack but has since been integrated into OpenStack's CI stack.

This has continued under the OpenStack CI team without me.

Jenkins Job Builder

Jenkins Job Builder is a way of describing Jenkins Jobs in YAML to deploy onto your Jenkins server. I created the initial versions of JJB in 2012 for OpenStack and its development has since continued by the OpenStack CI team and is used in many other Open Source projects.


Drizzle started as a fork of MySQL 6.0 alpha with much of the code re-written to be cleaner and with a micro-kernel architecture. I was a core developer of the project.

Smaller Contributions