The LinuxJedi at NGINX

Several months ago I was having a Sunday brunch with some friends in Seattle. One of the discussions that came up was the fact that NGINX needed to expand their developer relations team and we were thinking up names of likely candidates for the role. Fast forward to today and I've somehow wound up working at NGINX on the developer relations team!

My role is "Senior Developer Advocate" and there are many parts of my role, but I guess it could be summarised as a cross between a community manager and community developer.

I made many friends during my time at HP and it was hard leaving them, especially the Advanced Technology Group since this was the last team I worked in. Brian Aker has been my boss and mentor for many years through several companies and in particular he will always be a good friend.

NGINX Conference

The day it became public that I was joining NGINX I got lots of people coming up to me telling me that NGINX had solved problems for them in the past. Even giving me thanks (which was a little strange because I hadn't even started yet).

It seems everyone I meet has a unique and interesting story about their NGINX implemention. It is fantastic to work with a team that creates a tool that can be used in so many unique ways, many of which we could never imagine.

This is where NGINX needs you, everyone has a unique story about NGINX and we want to give you the opportunity to tell yours. We have the NGINX Conference on September 22-24th 2015 and the CfP is still open for just under 1 week. So please come and submit your story!

I will be at the conference and we have lots of fun and interesting things already planned.

NGINX so far

The reason I haven't written a post in a while is NGINX has kept me so incredibly busy, but it has been a lot of fun too. That isn't to say I haven't been blogging, you can see a post I wrote called Socket Sharding in NGINX Release 1.9.1 on the NGINX blog.

I've flown to San Francisco and Moscow to meet the teams there. Everyone at NGINX is passionate about the product and it is a fantastic thing to see.

I have also spoken to many members of the NGINX community as well as companies big and small who use NGINX as a part of their stack. All of them very enthusiastic about NGINX and excited to see what we have lined up for future releases (trust me, we have some amazing features lined up).

There is a lot of work for me to do here but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm here to help the Open Source community and we have an awesome community, so lively that it is hard for me to keep up. I will try and take time out to blog more about things I'm working on at NGINX over the coming months.

I look forward to the future of NGINX and seeing as many of you as I can at the NGINX Conference.

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