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  1. Multi-Gigabit Networking on a Budget

    I've recently acquired two "refurbished" Xeon workstations from eBay to do some NGINX testing with. These are:

    • A Lenovo ThinkStation S30 - 6 core / 12 thread E5-1650v2 @3.5GHz, 4GB ECC RAM (upgraded to 12GB ECC - £10) - £650
    • A Lenovo ThinkStation C20 - 2x 4 core / 8 thread (8 core / 16 ...
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  2. The LinuxJedi at NGINX

    Several months ago I was having a Sunday brunch with some friends in Seattle. One of the discussions that came up was the fact that NGINX needed to expand their developer relations team and we were thinking up names of likely candidates for the role. Fast forward to today and ...

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  3. Why Dependency Testing is Important


    Why I'm Ditching Parallels

    I've been using Parallels quite successfully for several months now and I must admit it is a great way to run all my various Linux distros that I work with on my Mac.

    One of my main VMs is the latest Fedora release ...

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  4. Variable Length Arrays in C

    In a bid to aim this blog at multiple levels I'm going to talk today about Variable Length Arrays (VLAs) in C. I'm covering this topic in particular because a friend who is a Harvard CS50 student recently asked me about them.

    As many people know, C is ...

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  5. Working With Git

    At a recent meeting HP's Advanced Technology Group has been agreeing on standards for working with git, covering mainly the collaboration and versioning aspects. Today I will share with you how I do this in my Open Source projects which has some crossover with the group's work.

    Versioning ...

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