My Retro Collection

Current Machines

BBC Master 128

Acquired viaeBay (Cambridge Centre for Computing History)
Acquisition dateAugust 2020
Work doneCleanup
PSU recap
Current stateWorking!
Possible RAM issue
Restoration blog postspart 1, part 2

This BBC Master 128 was acquired in an eBay auction which was to raise funds to keep the computer museum open due to Covid-19. It has a “BBC Radio” branding stamp on it, the history of which is unknown. It is speculated that the machine was used to communicate with broadcasters about incoming callers.

Amiga 500 Plus #1

Acquired viaGumtree
Acquisition dateAugust 2020
Work doneRemoved leaking battery (and cleanup)
Fixed keyboard membrane (caps lock LED)
Replaced rubber feet
Repaired external floppy drive
Replaced internal floppy drive with Gotek
Current stateWorking!
PSU to be rebuilt
Restoration blog postspart 1, part 2, part 3, external floppy drive, Gotek installation

This Amiga 500 Plus came with hundreds of disks and many accessories. The accessories alone were worth what I paid for it. I know it had changed hands at least once before and person I had bought it from had never turned it on. It has been fully restored and is my main home Amiga.

Amiga 500 Plus #2

Acquired viaeBay
Acquisition DateSeptember 2020
Work DoneBasic diagnostics
Removed leaking battery
Large corrosion cleanup
Current stateBlack screen at power up
Gary socket destroyed, needs replacing (maybe Gary too)
74LS244 and some passives may need replacing
F-Key missing on keyboard
PSU, keyboard and floppy drive untested
A lot of cleanup needed
Restoration blogsComing soon

I acquired this Amiga 500 Plus relatively cheaply on eBay (in fact I was the only bidder!), known faulty on purchase. It was still warranty sealed when I got it, had a 512KB memory card in it (working and now in my first Amiga 500 Plus). It also came with some disks including Workbench and Soccer Kid as well as a foot peddle game controller.

Past Machines

Amiga 500 #1

Acquired viaeBay
Acquisition dateAugust 2020
Work doneRemove corroded trapdoor board
Cleanup board corrosion
Cleanup machine
Rebuilt PSU
Replaced damaged resistor
Repaired floppy drive
Replaced keyboard (bad membrane)
Break in PCB trace RST line wire patched
Replaced trapdoor connector
Corrosion removed from metal frame and spray painted primer & gunmetal
Current stateWorking!
For sale on eBay
Restoration blog postspart 1, part 2, part 3, PCB diagnosis, part 4

The Amiga 500 was acquired faulty and rather dirty to give me something to learn to repair Amigas with (and something to play on). It has proved a little bit of a challenge as there has been so many issues with it. But it has now been fully restored. It has a rev. 6a board with kickstart 1.3.

Amiga 500 #2

Acquired viaeBay
Acquisition dateSeptember 2020
Work doneRS232 port replaced
A501 shell removed (battery had broken itself off already)
Current stateYellow screen on boot (suspect 74LS373 failure)
About 1/3rd of the keyboard doesn’t work (bad membrane)
RS232 line driver (MC1488 IC) faulty
Metal parts are very rusty
Floppy drive faulty
Stripped down for parts
Restoration blog postspart 1, part 2

I managed to acquire this Amiga 500 cheap in an eBay auction. It is machine only (no PSU) and appears to have an official trapdoor A501 memory card in it and is going to require a restoration job. Unfortunately it is going to cost too much to repair all the faults so this will be stripped down to repair other machines.