Last week I hit my first anniversary working for MariaDB. I’ve been looking back and recently realised one of the things I have been neglecting is my blog.

As an experiment my previous blog ran using Pelican blog system. I really liked using this because I have a lot of experience writing documentation in reStructuredText format using Sphinx. Pelican allows you to blog using the reStructuredText format to generate a static HTML site.

The downside of Pelican along with similar tools for generating blog content is they are a pain to edit on a mobile device and can take a lot of time to manage. This is one of the reasons I have been neglecting my blog, it has been too much work to manage and I have little time beyond work and personal life to manage it.

So, I have moved over to WordPress hosted on, I can leave backend management to them and I’m able to edit the content easily on any device that I need to.

I look forward to hopefully writing some interesting content in the future.


Image credit: American White Pelican by Manjith Kainickara, used under a Creative Commons license