This evening I managed to score an Amiga 500 Plus with so much software and accessories that I struggled to carry it to the car.

It is going to need a lot of cleaning and restoring but that is all part of the fun!

This is a few photos of some of the haul. there are two large boxes full of floppies in the cardboard box.

Now, the Amiga 500 Plus has a soldered-on battery. A 30 year old battery doesn’t tend to be very health, and yes it has leaked slightly, but nowhere near as bad as expected. This will need removing.

The rest of the motherboard looked fine, so I plugged it in using my rebuilt PSU from my Amiga 500. It fired up!

Unfortunately there are more problems. Neither the internal and external disk drives can read disks. Luckily the drive from my other Amiga 500 works fine so I was able to load a few games quickly. Another thing I noticed is the caps lock LED doesn’t light up.

It was evening before we even got home so I haven’t investigated further, but I’ll document my progress here as I go.