My Amiga 1000 is working great now after the final repair on the audio. But there are missing rubber feet, so I decided to address this.

The first issue here is the keyboard, it only has three rubber feet on it, one is missing. These are 18mm x 18mm x 3mm squares. I managed to find some on eBay, unfortunately they are black instead of white, but are a perfect fit. No more wobble when using the keyboard! I’ll keep the original white ones at the other three positions but I have spares to swap them out as needed.

Next up is the Amiga itself, there are normally five small bar shaped rubber feet on the bottom of the Amiga 1000, one in each corner and one in the middle. They were all missing. After spending a long time measuring and searching I found the closest fit would be this set from a company called VATH. They are 8.5mm x 4mm x 2.9mm in size. Shipping actually cost me double the cost of the rubber feet, but they came quite quickly. Whilst a rounded edge on them would have made them perfect they are still a good fit. The Amiga is very secure on the desk now

Finally the “eyes” part. As this machine is taking up residence on one of my desks for now I decided to buy a screen for it. I managed to find an old Philips display with lots of different inputs, great for switching between several different retro computers if needed. When combined with a new high quality SCART cable from Retro Ready the picture quality is very good!

The only thing left is the face plate. I have a friend working on a unique colour-matched one for me and I’ll post an update when that is ready.